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Collecting Expected Information

Parameters required

RegionWMW instance region
Custome HostnameOnly for private WMW instance when chosing "Custom" in Region field
Entreprise IDYour WMW Entreprise ID
UsernameYour MQTT Username
PasswordYour MQTT Password

All of these informations can be found in your WMW connectivity settings


you'll be able to find your region, entreprise ID in Connectivity section


MQTT users can be created in MQTT users section


Creating a Connection With API

The creation of a connection establishes a unidirectional messaging transport link to the cloud provider.

To do this, you need to use the Connections group resource:

  • POST/connections to create a new Connection instance
  • PUT/connections to update a Connection instance
  • DELETE/connections to delete a Connection instance

We follow the REST-full API pattern, when updating configuration properties for a connection resource. Thus, you must also provide the whole configuration again.

Example for creation of a new connection instance :

POST /connections
"name":"Actility To WMW",
"configuration": {
"hostName": "",
"protocol": "SSL",
"uplinkTopicPattern": "uplink_1234",
"downlinkTopicPattern": "downlink_1234",

The following table lists the properties applicable to a connection instance.

connectorIdMust be set to actility-mqtt-iot for WMW platform.
configuration/hostNameMust be set to your WMW MQTT broker region (refers to this section)
configuration/protocolMust be to SSL.
configuration/usernameMust be replaced by your WMW MQTT Username.
configuration/passwordMust be replaced by your WMW MQTT Password.
configuration/uplinkTopicPatternMust be replaced uplink_{your_enterprise_id}
configuration/downlinkTopicPatternMust be replaced downlink_{your_enterprise_id}
brandMust be set to WMW.
Important note

All properties are not present in this example. You can check the rest of these properties in the common parameters section.

Creating a Connection With UI

  1. Click Connections -> Create -> ThingPark X IoT Flow create

  2. Then, a new page will open. Select the connection type: WMW. select

  3. Fill in the form as in the example below and click on Create. filled_form


Parameters marked with * are mandatory.

  1. A notification appears on the upper right side of your screen to confirm that the application has been created.

  2. After creating the application, you will be redirected to the connection details.


As for now, there are no known limitations.

Displaying information to know if it worked

  1. Connect to your WMW instance.

  2. Go to Asset -> Setup -> Devices. asset_device

  3. Select + button to add a new device. add_device

  4. Fill in the form with your device DevEUI and his model. And click Save wmw_form

  5. Your device will now appear in the list. device_list

  6. In the Status messages you should be able to see messages status_message


As for now, there are no detected bugs.