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Connectivity Plan Setup

To allow all subscribers to activate ThingPark X options proceed as follows:

  • Go to the Connectivity Manager tool (you should be logged-in with the role of Connectivity Supplier) in the ThingPark Wireless platform.

  • In the relevant Connectivity Plan tick the ThingPark X routing box to enable the functionality. This is illustrated in the following capture.


IoT-Flow RoutingProfile

To enable Thingpark X IOT-FLOW routing for an operator, a configuration must be set in the twa database.

Operator table:

Add a <cloud> element in <clouds> in the field tpkCloudConfig:

<cloud name="ThingPark X IOT-FLOW" ID="IOT_FLOW" address="kafka://thingpark-x"/>

This can be added in addition with Thingpark X Core