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Collecting Expected Information

Parameters required

Service AccountJSON file that identify you.
Cloud RegionRegion on which reside your project

Generate Service Account

  1. Connect to your Google Cloud Platform, and select your project. select_project

  2. Search for Service Accounts product, and click on it. search_service_account

  3. Click on ADD.

  4. Fill in the form. Principals corresponds to your Google Address Email. For roles, you need to set Cloud IoT Admin and Pub/Sub Admin. roles

  5. You can now copy you Service Accounts JSON file.

Choose Cloud Region

As for now, there is 3 Cloud Region available:

  • us-central1
  • europe-west1
  • asia-east1

Creating a Connection With API

The creation of a connection establishes a unidirectional messaging transport link to the cloud provider.

To do this, you need to use the Connections group resource:

  • POST/connections to create a new Connection instance
  • PUT/connections to update a Connection instance
  • DELETE/connections to delete a Connection instance

We follow the REST-full API pattern, when updating configuration properties for a connection resource. Thus, you must also provide the whole configuration again.

Example for creation of a new connection instance :

POST /connections
"name":"Actility To Google",
"configuration": {
"serviceAccount": {your json file},
"cloudRegion": "us-central1"

The following table lists the properties applicable to a connection instance.

connectorIdMust be set to actility-google-iot for Google IoT Core platform.
configuration/serviceAccountMust be replaced by your Service account file.
configuration/cloudRegionMust be replaced by your Registry cloud region.
Important note

All properties are not present in this example. You can check the rest of these properties in the common parameters section.

Creating a Connection With UI

  1. Click Connections -> Create -> ThingPark X IoT Flow create

  2. Then, a new page will open. Select the connection type: Google IoT Core. select

  3. Fill in the form as in the example below and click on Create. filled_form


Parameters marked with * are mandatory.

  1. A notification appears on the upper right side of your screen to confirm that the application has been created.

  2. After creating the application, you will be redirected to the connection details.


Limitations depends on Account Plan you own.

Displaying information to know if it worked

  1. Go to your registries list, a tpx-registry registry should appear. registry_list

  2. If you have linked devices to your Google IoT Core connection in ThingPark, you will see multiple devices or gateways depending on the number of devices you have linked to your Google IoT Core connection.




devices Devices are named using TPX_ prefix followed by the device EUI.


As for now, there are no detected bugs.