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Configuring the base station LRR

Once the LRR package has been successfully installed on your base station, you may need to personalize its configuration according to your specific deployment requirements.

Those configuration tasks can be easily run from the LRR's local support terminal, also known as SUPLOG.

SUPLOG is supported on the following base station brands: Cisco, Kerlink, MultiTech, Ufispace, Gemtek/Browan, Tektelic, Motorola, and Milesight.

For other brands, contact your ThingPark System Integrator or Actility Support team.


Due to footprint constraints, SUPLOG is not supported by base stations using FreeRTOS operating system such as Gemtek/Browan's MiniHub and ST-Nucleo boards. To learn more about how to configure the WiFi network interface for MiniHub, see Configuring WiFi connectivity for Browan MiniHub.

To learn more about how to access SUPLOG, see Connecting to SUPLOG.

You can perform the following tasks with SUPLOG:


When you are done with all your System Configuration, do not forget to apply your new configuration to your base station. To learn more, see Apply/Commit/Rollback mechanism.

Once your new configuration is committed, you must back it up as explained in Executing backup and restore procedures.