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Executing backup and restore procedures from SUPLOG

After committing all your configuration changes, you must have an up-to-date backup of your latest configuration; so that you may restore it when necessary, for instance in case of factory reset or hardware failure.

To backup your latest stable configuration from SUPLOG:

  1. Choose Service from SUPLOG's root menu.

  2. To learn more about the last backup (if any) on your base station, choose Backup information.

    • If there is no valid backup, SUPLOG will display "No backup information found". Proceed to step #3.
    • Otherwise, SUPLOG will display the date of the last backup and the related LRR version. If your current backup is not up-to-date, proceed to step #3, otherwise you may exit this backup procedure.
  3. To execute a new backup, go back to the Service menu, then choose Execute backup and type yes to confirm. The backup action may take a few minutes.


    Executing a backup will automatically overwrite any previous backup configuration on the base station. Type yes only if you are sure that the current base station configuration is the target one.

To restore the last backup on your base station:

  1. Choose Service from SUPLOG's root menu then Execute restore.

  2. Type yes to confirm. The restore action may take a few minutes. The base station shall be rebooted to complete this procedure, so you shall lose your current SSH session and need to establish a new SSH session few minutes later.