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Self-hosted ThingPark Enterprise (also known as TPE-OCP) is hosted on your private environment, either on your own infrastructure or through cloud providers like AWS and Azure.

Deployment methods

Two deployment methods are available:

  • Appliance/VM: Self-contained virtual machine or bare-metal appliance
  • Kubernetes: Deploys on a Kubernetes cluster

Hosting environments

The following hosting environments are supported:

Appliance/VM deploymentsKubernetes deployments
On premisesISO image available to deploy on bare-metal or virtual machineGeneric packaging available to deploy on customer's own Kubernetes cluster
Azure✅ Azure Virtual Machine✅ Azure AKS
AlibabaISO image available✅ Alibaba ACK
Other cloud providersISO image availableGeneric packaging available

The icon ✅ means that self-hosted TPE deliverables are optimized to ensure low-touch deployment in this specific cloud environment, with minimal efforts on customer end.

Self-hosted ThingPark Enterprise is future-proof to be integrated with any cloud provider. Contact the Actility support to deploy ThingPark Enterprise on cloud environments not explicitly listed in the previous table.

Deployment options

The following deployment options are available:

Appliance/VM installationsKubernetes installations
Standalone (single node)SupportedNot supported
High availabilityThree nodes/serversThree availability zones

Installation and upgrade options

The following installation and upgrade option is available:

Appliance/VM installationsKubernetes installations
Online (with internet access)SupportedSupported
Offline (without internet access)SupportedAvailable on-demand