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Checking the status information of the device

  1. Select Devices.

  2. On the List tab, click the name of the device for which you want check the status.

  3. Go to STATUS.

    The status information appears as follows:

    This device is active and indicates that the device is of Class B. This widget is for Class B devices only. It is hidden, if the connection state is initializing or in a connection error state.

    Note: If the Class B is not active, it shows Class B: Inactive, in gray. This means that the device fails to enable Class B. It can be for one of the following reasons:

    • The radio signal of the device is not received by any base station. Check the date of the last uplink and the last packets.

    • The device is not near a base station which transmits the Beacon signal. Check the Beacon status for the base station which are close of the device.