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Viewing the recent uplink/downlink activity of a device

  1. Select Devices.

  2. On the List tab, click the name of the device for which you want to view the last 10 uplink/downlink frames.

  3. Go to LAST 10 PACKETS.

    -> The last 10 uplink/downlink frame sequence is displayed as follows:

For each type of radio activity of a dedicated uplink or downlink frame, a range value is defined as illustrated in the following table.

Radio metricRange HighRange LowUnit
ESP0- 142dBm
RSSI0- 125dbm
SNR15- 24dB

A color code is associated with each value or range value as depicted in the following table.

Color associated with the type of Radio ActivityRSSISNRSFESP
Redn/aSNR ≤ -16.512- 135
Orangen/a-14 ≤ SNR < -16.511- 130
Dark greenn/a-11.5 ≤ SNR < -1410- 120
Intermediate Green -1n/a-9 ≤ SNR < -11.59- 110
Intermediate Green 2n/a-7 ≤ SNR < -98- 100
Light Greenn/aSNR > -77- 90
  1. Scroll down and click SHOW ALL.

    -> This takes you to the Wireless Logger application to view the entire traffic history and obtain additional details. To learn more, click Using network tools.