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Checking the radio communication history

In this task you can monitor the uplink and downlink traffic history:

  • A late uplink is an uplink that has been queued by an offline base station, and therefore has been received late by the ThingPark Enterprise platform.

  • A downlink has failed when the base station was not able to transmit it over the air.

  1. Select Devices.

  2. On the List tab, click the name of the device for which you want to check the radio traffic.

    In RADIO TRAFFIC HISTORY you can select one of the available tabs: Packets, Payload or Join Events.

  3. Click the Packets tabs to monitor the number of packets.

    -> The packets' timeline appears as follows:

    Packets show all uplink/downlink packets regardless of the message type while Join events only show Join Request/Join Accept messages. See 6).

    a) Click Uplink, Late Uplink, Downlink or Downlink Failed in the Packets tab to filter the corresponding attribute.

  4. Click the Payloads tabs to monitor payloads' sizes.

    -> The payloads' timeline appears as follows:

    Payloads show uplink and downlink applicative payloads.

  5. Click the Join Events tab to monitor the number of Join Events.

    -> The Join Events' timeline appears as follows:

    Join events only show Join Request/Join Accept messages.

    Note Join Events only apply to OTAA devices.