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Device health states

Color code is used to identify the health state of a device:

A device can go through different health states. These are as depicted in the following figure.

The colors associated with the health states are listed in the following table.

Health stateColorDescription
ActiveGreenThe device is properly commissioned and it successfully exchanges packets with the network server.
InitializationOrangeThe device has not completed its activation or reactivation process, or has just been resumed after being administratively suspended.
Connection ErrorRedThe device is commissioned and has communicated in the past, but no longer communicates or does not match the expected communication pattern. It needs attention (that is to say, change the device battery). If the device is no longer used, you can decommission it.
SuspendedLight blueThe device has been administratively suspended and all its packets are ignored by the network server.

To manage the connectivity of a device, see Suspending a device.

To view the device traffic, see Viewing the recent uplink/downlink activity of a device.

To troubleshoot the absence of uplink activity, see No uplinkactivity 004.