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Importing devices

The maximum number of devices in an asynchronous mass import is currently set to 50K. The same procedure applies for importing OTAA and ABP devices.

Ensure to have the proper device import file format ready prior to doing the operation. For a description of each column of a file format type, see Import files.

For a list of devices' models and their corresponding models IDs, the MODELS LIST button exports the models list in a CSV file. Only device models compatible with the list of enabled ISM bands are returned. The models list provides up-to-date information in accordance with the device catalogs. To learn more, see Managing catalogs in ThingPark Enterprise.

If you are entitled to an Administrator role or to a Devices and Applications Manager role, then you can commission a device. Otherwise, you cannot perform the following procedure.

  1. Select Devices > IMPORT DEVICES.

    You can also expand IMPORT DEVICES and select Import from CSV file.

  2. Prepare your .csv import file, guided by the export sample downloadable from the user interface. To learn more about how to build your .csv file, see Import files.


    You will need to fill the Device Model ID for each imported device; use the downloadable Models List file to get the mapping between each model and its ThingPark Model ID.

  3. If the permission segregation based on domains has been enabled by an administrator user, associate your device with domains. If your user account has domain restrictions, the associated domains must match your domain restrictions without any domain prefix (only full domains can be assigned to resources). See About domains for more details.

  4. Click IMPORT.

    -> The mass import processes. Colored toasters display on your screen to inform you about the progression of the import. The progression follows this sequence:

    • The request is pending (dark green).

    • Then, the import completes with one of the following states:

      • The task is completed. The device import has failed (orange).

      • The task is completed. The device import is successfully done (green).

        -> When the mass import is complete, a notification displays in the Top Bar indicating the results of the import. It can be one of the following:

        • The device import is successfully done.

        • The device import has succeeded with errors.

        • The device import has failed.

  5. Click the Notifications' icon that displays in the Menu Bar. To learn more, click Device management notifications. To learn more about the Notifications' list, see ThingPark Enterprise menus.

  6. If the mass import has not succeeded, analyze and correct errors in the .CSV file and re-import the file.

  7. After a successful mass device import, go to the devices' list to view all imported devices.