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Instance registration

To get your ThingPark Enterprise instance activated, you need to provide your Installation ID – obtained in the next section – to your license manager, to get in return the corresponding license which will allow you to:

  • Gain access to the ThingPark Enterprise Software Repository. This step is required to move forward with the installation procedure if you are running an online installation.
  • Obtain the license file according to the configuration purchased in terms of allowed number of devices and base stations to provision, along with the validity date.

Along with your installation ID, please share with your license manager the details of the offer that has been ordered: the number of years, the number of base stations for the per base station pricing model, the number of devices for the per-device pricing model, HA option, trial version, etc. ...

In reply, your license manager will generate the corresponding license on the Actility Central license management tool and send it to you to pursue your installation.


Your license manager is a member within your organization who has been trained and has access to the Actility Central license management tool. In case your company is not an Actility channel partner but an Actility direct customer, please contact your Actility account manager to obtain your license.