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Cluster creation

  1. Connect to Cockpit using the IP address previously configured ( by default). Make sure that your browser language is set to English.

  2. Open a Web browser and type https://<IP_address>:9090/. You are prompted to give a login and password in the window that displays on your screen.

  3. Insert the following values:

    • Login as support/support.
    • Tick the "Reuse my password for privileged tasks" (only before TPE 7.3.3) checkbox to execute administration commands.
    • Click Log in.
  4. On your first Login as support, you are prompted to change the password.

    Change it and once it is done, log out then log in again to consider the new password for further actions.


    For High Availability (HA) deployment, you must connect to Cockpit on each server to change the support password. This must be done before starting any deployment.

  5. Click "Limited access" and use the new password to switch to administrative mode (only available for TPE 7.3.3 and upper).

  6. Go to the TPE Services Cockpit module to open the cluster creation wizard.

  7. Before proceeding with the installation, please be sure to have a valid license number. If you don't, the next steps will not be complete. Indeed, when asking for a license, access to the ThingPark Enterprise Installation Repository for your installation ID will be granted.


    This is required only for online installation mode.

  8. The TPE cluster can be configured in Standalone or High Availability (HA) mode. Select either "Standalone" or "Highly available" following the Cluster type you want to deploy, then click Next.

  9. Following the mode selected previously:

    • For Standalone mode: fill in the "IP address" and the "support" password of the only node that will be installed.

    • For HA mode: fill in the "IP address" and the "support" password of the three nodes. The Arbiter is Node 3.

    Click Next.

  10. Set the infrastructure configuration.

    Click Next.

  11. Select the TLS mode used to secure your HTTP connection to Cockpit:

    • Autosigned: a self-signed certificate is automatically generated by Cockpit

    • Custom: your own certificate and private key issued for the hostname/IP address of your TPE instance. In HA mode, the same certificate will be deployed on the three nodes.

  12. The next step is cluster verification:

    • Ensure the node(s) connectivity.
    • Ensure the node(s) requirements.
  13. If no error is detected, click on Deploy. The Cluster creation progress is displayed:

    At this stage, TPE docker images are downloaded from the installation repository. This can take between thirty minutes and an hour (or even more), depending on network throughput.

  14. At the end of the cluster creation, if successful, you are prompted to go to "TPE Configuration".

  15. Click Configure ThingPark Enterprise.