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Version: 5.0

What's New in v5.0?

Acklio Software Suite is still improving: now version 5.0 is available with a set of major functionalities.

🆕 A New Release!

Acklio Software Suite recently upgraded from v4.0 to v5.0 with the aim of securing the uplink and downlink packet transmission between devices using NB-IoT and a remote application on a public network.

Quality of Service is now available both on device side (via Acklio's FullSDK) and on IPCore side (via the SCHC Template) to allow configuring performance indices and finally improve the end-to-end communication.

In addition, the new version of Acklio Software Suite improves the fluidity of its decompression/defragmentation mechanism by enabling context and rules dynamic upload on central network side.


Now use the DTLS protocol to encrypt data transmission from the connected object to Acklio IPCore and conversely. Acklio FullSDK DTLS layer combined with Acklio IP/DTLS Server both create a secured IoT VPN to exchange data even if they pass through a public network.


🆕 QoS

Quality of Service options have been added in Acklio IPCore v5.0 to get reporting on the fragmentation in uplink.


About Release v4

Release & Documentation

Acklio Software suite version 4.0 is no longer actively maintained, but its Documentation is still available from the Release menu if you would like to refer to it.