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Version: 4.0

What's New?

Discover all the improvments we made on Acklio Software Suite and Acklio Documentation this first semester of 2022!

🆕 A New Release!

Acklio IPCore has evoluated from v3.1 to v4.0, keeping the nice design of the interfaces and the strengths of version 3 while further increasing the user experience with new features.

🆕 New Features!

Search Area

Now browse all your resources to search for SCHC templates, sources, devices, IP networks or flows with the new search area on the banner.

Search area

Access Path

Don't be lost in the pages, your path is always visible on the banner too. Every step in the path corresponds to a page and is clickable.

Access path

Status Information

Be always aware of the status of your data exchange with the new Status Information area on every Details page.

Status information

🆕 New Documentation

  • The FullSDK v4 Reference Manual is now available to help you integrating Acklio FullSDK in your project and enable the SCHC compression and fragmentation mechanisms on device side.

  • Get helped to configure the source inside and outside Acklio IPCore before running the Demo examples with our three step-by-step documentation pages:

  • More detailed documentation of AT commands with recommendations and error messages.