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Version: 4.0

Quick Start


The present Documentation website consists of four sections, all accessible from the navbar.

The Navbar

A Glossary of Acronyms helps you unscramble all the acronyms used in this documentation.

Acklio in Short

SCHC and the Acklio Software Suite turn any IoT device into a native IP addressable device and create an IP tunnel between devices and application for uplink and downlink data exchange.

SCHC (pronounce "chic") is the acronym for Static Context Header Compression, a compression and fragmentation mechanism defined by the IPv6 over LPWAN working group (driven by Acklio) at the IETF and standardized under RFC 8724.


The table below guides you to to quickly find the information you need and therefore get started quickly.

SCHCRead the pages of the CONCEPTS section to get detailed information on SCHC mechanisms and how SCHC layer inserts in the IP stack.
SoftwareDiscover the architecture of the Acklio Software Suite and read the product datasheets in the PLATFORM section.
PrerequisitesRecommended hardware and software are listed in this page.
AcronymsTo avoid any confusion, check the meaning of acronyms in the GLOSSARY.
Around LoRaGet detailed information on the organizations working on LoRa networks by visiting their websites. They are listed in the CREDITS page.

How it Works

Acklio provides you with an access to:

  • The Acklio IPCore platform dedicated to your Organization, according to your License
  • The Acklio Knowledge Database on Confluence, according to your License
  • The Acklio Repository on GitLab for the three Demo Examples
  • The online documentation of the Demo Examples