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Version: 4.0

Acklio's Favorite Use Cases

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SCHC's first application on LoRaWAN concerns Smart Electricity Meters, a topic Acklio has been working on since 2019. A new standard is therefore being developed to specify SCHC as an adaptation layer for DLMS electricity meter deployments on LoRaWAN.

Before SCHC, it was impossible to use a LoRaWAN network for electricity meters without carrying out specific developments, especially because electricity meters work in IP and exchange information in a bidirectional way.

SCHC makes it possible to keep the original standard application environment the application platform sees the LoRaWAN meter as a classic DLMS meter and also as an IP object that it can classically address.


Toolbox for smart metering device makers and operators

DLMS/COSEM is the global standard for Electricity Smart Metering. Its purpose is to secure utilities smart meter deployment with a "by design". Due to its core specifications, LoRaWAN is unable to support DLMS/COSEM application layer protocol. Acklio SCHC lifts LoRaWAN constraints and enables DLMS communication over LoRaWAN.


Demo Example

Demo available for this use case! Our AT Modem Demo application allows you to test compressed and fragmented bidirectionnal communication from a DLMS device to a DLMS head-end client application.

Universal Device for all LPWANs

Use case for device makers

Beyond this, Acklio makes it possible to develop (or adapt) a device application once for all LPWANs, that will remain compatible with the different underlying connectivity.

The LPWAN device will be known and addressable as an IP device from the management application.

Demo Example

See our FreeRTOS demo example illustrating how a standalone device can send uplink packets.