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Version: 5.0

Role & Features

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In the IoT world, most of the devices are using proprietary protocols to communicate with services or platforms.

By enabling SCHC compression and fragmentation on the core network, Acklio IPCore enables IP protocols for IoT devices and unifies the diverse LPWAN technologies to welcome them into the IP world. It simplifies the integration of IoT solutions with Web applications or IP services, and enables true end-to-end security thanks to proven security protocols.

Key Facts

  • Varied architecture options Acklio IPCore is delivered as a SaaS platform, or on-premise.
  • Connectors Acklio IPCore provides various connector types: APIs, MQTT, Websockets, HTTPs.
  • IP networks Acklio IPCore can be connected to either local or remote private networks, or public network (IPv6).
  • Microservices The microservice architecture of Acklio IPCore ensures full scalability.
  • Advanced device onboarding Acklio IPCore offers auto-discovery or mass-provisioning through device templates.
  • Rule templates Acklio IPCore is provided with pre-defined translation rules to share between devices and central network.
  • Security Encrypted interface, component isolation and hardened operating systems.

Acklio IPCore and FullSDK Combination

Combined with Acklio FullSDK embedded in IoT devices, Acklio IPCore enables new innovative use cases. By providing an efficient compression and fragmentation algorithm and rule sets on both sides device and core network Acklio SDK brings IP connectivity to your application while making it compliant with multiple LPWAN networks, without specific adaptation or any trade-off.

Use Cases

With DLMS The Acklio FullSDK provides IP/UDP connectivity with SCHC mechanisms. System integrators can develop future-proof IP-based applications that run on LoRaWAN Network without trade-off while DLMS devices directly interact with the service platform.

Standalone Acklio IPCore

Acklio IPCore can be delivered with the Acklio SDK or as standalone platform.


Acklio IPCore solution can be delivered and used as a standalone platform (either as a SaaS platform hosted in the Cloud or on-premise), to transform legacy devices into IP devices communicating with the end applications through standard protocols such as CoAP, HTTP, MQTT or through publish/subscribe mechanisms.

Legacy devices do not support SCHC context (compression) and just send raw data.

Use Cases

With CoAP The combination of SCHC mechanisms and the payload translation into JSON-like format enables uniform and direct communication from legacy devices up to CoAP servers.

With HTTP REST Legacy devices can be directly addressed using their IP address allocated by the Acklio IPCore.