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Step 4 – Connecting your Abeeway Micro-Tracker with AWS IoT

In this step, you will connect your Abeeway Micro-Tracker on ThingPark Enterprise and ensure sensor data is delivered to your AWS IoT account.

Provisioning your device & associate it to AWS IoT

To achieve that:

  1. Select Devices, click ADD DEVICES, and select Abeeway as Device Manufacturer.

  2. Complete the device provisioning form with the required information.

    1. Model – Choose "Micro-Tracker", paying attention to the select the right ISM Band (EU/AS/US).

    2. Name – Friendly name to conveniently identify your tracker in ThingPark Enterprise portal.

    3. DevEUI – Unique identifier of your LoRaWAN® device, provided by Actility in the Evaluation Kit Delivery Note.

    4. Activation mode – Select Over-The-Air-Activation.

    5. JoinEUI, AppKey – Enter the values provided by Actility in the Evaluation Kit Delivery Note.

  3. Associate your device with the previously created ThingPark Location application.

  4. Submit the form.

  • The device is now ready to communicate and associated to ThingPark Location.


  • In order to store & analyze positions computed in ThingPark Location within AWS IoT services, Actility service has been configured to re-route all its traffic to your AWS IoT Core service.

  • No provisioning of the device is required on AWS IoT Core service; the Things will be automatically provisioned by ThingPark Enterprise application when the first message is delivered.

Switching on your Abeeway Micro-Tracker

If the button of your micro tracker does not blink when pressed, either the micro tracker is switched off or its battery is out-of-charge. When not in testing, switch off the micro tracker to save battery.

  1. If necessary, plug in the USB charging cable.

  2. On the button of the micro tracker:

    • Press once lengthily (more than five seconds) until you heard a melody.

The micro tracker will now join your private LoRaWAN® network; this can take a couple of minutes until the join procedure completes.

  • Your tracker shall now appear as Active on ThingPark Enterprise Portal.

Checking sensor data is delivered to AWS IoT

From your AWS Management Console

  1. Go to AWS IoT Core, and select the Test menu.

  2. Subscribe to the MQTT topic corresponding to all uplinks message received:

    • Topic format: aws/things/+/uplink, for example,
      -> The next uplink of your tracker will be displayed.

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