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Step 2 – Creating your LoRaWAN® network with your ThingPark Enterprise Ready gateway

Provisioning your base stations on ThingPark Enterprise

As you acquired one of our ThingPark Enterprise LoRaWAN® connectivity evaluation kit, your gateway has been configured to connect to ThingPark Enterprise SaaS service.

To finalize the provisioning of your base station:

  1. Log in to ThingPark Enterprise Portal.

  2. Select Base Stations, click ADD BASE STATION, and select the appropriate base station manufacturer.

    Base Station creation - Select BS manufacturer

  3. Complete the base station provisioning form with the following information:

    1. Model – Select "Pico/Enterprise V1.5" if you are using the base station provided with your evaluation kit.

    2. Name – A friendly name for your base station, to conveniently identify your ThingPark Ready gateway.

    3. LRR UUID – A unique identifier for your base stations, provided by Actility in the Evaluation Kit delivery Note.

    4. RF Region – Set of radio parameters that matches the regulation of the region/country where the base station is deployed.

    5. Additional information – optional.

      Base Station Creation form

  4. Enable Public Key authentication by un-ticking the box, and enter the Public Key provided by Actility in the Evaluation Kit Delivery Note.

    Base Station Creation - Public key authentification

  5. (Optional) Set your Base Station Location.

  6. Click ADD.

  • Your base station is now provisioned in the initializing status

Deploying your base station

Deploy your base station according to manufacturer guidelines provided with the evaluation kit, with or without wall mounting pieces.

In order to ensure proper communication with ThingPark Enterprise SaaS service, your base station must be connected to a network allowing outbound communication to Internet with the following protocols enabled.

From (system)From (application)TypeProtocolDest. PortTo (system)To (application)Description
BASE STATIONstrongswan (client)Bidirectional"IKE v2 (secure) MOBIKE v2 (secure)""UDP/500 UDP/4500"TPEstrongswan"IPsec IKE (UDP) / MOBIKE (UDP) ike=aes128-sha256-ecp256,aes128-sha384-ecp384,aes256-sha512-ecp521 "
BASE STATIONstrongswan (client)BidirectionalESP (secure)-TPEstrongswan"ESP (protocol 50) ike=aes128-sha256-ecp256,aes128-sha384-ecp384,aes256-sha512-ecp521 esp=aes128gcm128,aes256gcm128"
"BASE STATION "Key installer (client)UnidirectionalSCPTCP/22TPEKey installer (server)SCP protocol
"BASE STATION "OSUnidirectionalSSH v2 (secure)TCP/22TPEOSLRR admin (Reverse SSH)
BASE STATIONOSUnidirectionalNTPUDP/123"NTP service "serviceNTP requests
BASE STATIONOSUnidirectionalDNSUDP/53"DNS service "serviceDNS requests
  1. After few minutes, your base station will appear as Active on ThingPark Enterprise Portal

    Base station details Active Connected

  • Congratulations! You just created you private LoRaWAN® network powered by ThingPark Enterprise.

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