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Changing TPE internal subnet


The "Changing TPE internal subnet" procedure must be used to update the internal subnet. Before starting this procedure, make sure to have a valid TPE Backup archive to be able to restore your data. TPE services (GUI and Data path) are stopped during this procedure.

  1. Connect to the TPE node1. Execute an SSH command to connect to the server:

    ssh support@${IP_OR_HOSTNAME_OF_TPE} -p 2222
  2. Backup Docker Swarm config, leave the cluster and remove internal networks by running this command (the command stops all TPE services):

  3. Redeploy the cluster using TPE Service Cockpit module and configure the new internal subnet

  4. On the TPE node 1 execute the second script:

  5. Redeploy the TPE instance using the TPE Configuration Cockpit module (See ThingPark Enterprise Configuration and Deployment). Before validating the form, it is possible to change the IPsec subnets.

  6. Reconfigure the base stations

    • Regenerate IPsec certificates for base station traffic (See Regenerate IPsec certificates for base station traffic).

    • If the subnet selected is not the default subnet, reconfigure all IPSec base stations. The new configuration is available on the TPE Services Cockpit module (TPE Cluster operations -> Show infra configuration).