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Exporting packets

You can export the LoRaWAN® packets included in your search result, which is displayed in one or several pages, to one CSV file.

You can use your export file:

  • For deeper analysis and post-processing of your network data over a spreadsheet tool for instance using pivot tables, column filtering, draw graphs.

  • To archive your data beyond the ThingPark's system retention period that is 15 days by default .

If you have decoded payloads using the automatic decoder as described in Displaying decoded data payloads, the export file contains the decoded payloads and information about the driver. For more information about the packet information contained in the export file, see LoRaWAN® export file.

  1. (Optional) Restrict your search according to the packets you want to export. For more information, see Searching packets and Quick filtering.

  2. From the Export size list, do one of the following:

    • If Decoder is set to Automatic, enter or select a maximum number of 500 packets to export. Note that exporting more than 500 packets with Decoder set to Automatic gives the same export file as setting Decoder to No decoding.

    • Otherwise, enter or select the number of packets you want, up to 10,000 packets.

  3. Click Export.

    -> The export file downloads.

    -> For more information, see LoRaWAN® export file.