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Tektelic base stations

The Tektelic base station models supported are:

  • Kona Micro8

  • Kona Macro16

  • Kona Mega64

  • Kona Enterprise

Each Tektelic base station model has its own firmware version. Nevertheless, the LRR installation procedure is generic for all the Tektelic models.


Software pre-requisites and compatibility matrix

Base Station ModelLRR VersionFirmware VersionFPGA Version
Tektelic Micro82.6.814.0.2Part of firmware
Tektelic Macro162.6.795.1.3, 5.1.9, 5.1.11Part of firmware
Tektelic Mega642.6.795.0.2, 5.0.6Part of firmware
Tektelic Enterprise2.6.792.1.4Part of firmware

If your base station's firmware (BSP) version is not as stated above, refer to Tektelic support portal to download the firmware and for details on how to flash the Tektelic firmware.


Checking the firmware version

To check the current Tektelic firmware version of your base station, execute the following command:

# system_version | grep Release


LRR installation

After downloading the base station image as described in Retrieving the base station image, follow the steps provided below to flash your base station with the new image.

  1. Connect to the base station via SSH. See Connecting to the base station via SSH for more details.

  2. Transfer to the base station the ThingPark image file you downloaded previously using a wget command, or with a tool like WinSCP. Destination directory should be /tmp.

  3. Move to this directory under your SSH connection:

# cd /tmp
  1. Extract all documents in the package:
# tar -xf [TEKTELIC image file name]

where [TEKTELIC image file name]is the file name of the image (.tar.gz file) you previously downloaded and transferred in /tmp.

  1. Install LRR package using the following command:
# ./

After running the command, the base station will be flashed with the ThingPark image. This process will take a couple of minutes.

  1. Reboot the base station.
# safe_reset

Important Avoid rebooting the base station with "reboot" command as you might not be able to connect back to the base station for the next hour due to a known issue at firmware level.

  1. Once the base station has rebooted, and is up and running, verify that the LRR version installed on the base station is the expected one (refer to the compatibility matrix above). The LRR version can be verified via the SUPLOG menu (see Connecting to SUPLOG). You may also verify on the base station with the following command:
# cat $ROOTACT/usr/etc/lrr/versions.ini