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Upgrading the LRR software


This task is not supported by base stations using Semtech's Basics Station packet forwarder.

When a new version of the LRR packet forwarder is available, ThingPark checks the software compatibility of this new version with the firmware and FPGA versions currently installed on the base station.

  • If the new LRR version is compatible with the currently installed firmware and FPGA versions, the user interface notifies the BS manager that a new LRR version is available.

  • Otherwise, if the current version of the firmware and/or the FPGA is not compatible with the new LRR version, the upgrade is not proposed by the user interface. In this case, the BS manager must first upgrade the gateway's firmware/FPGA to the right version before proceeding with the LRR upgrade. To learn more about the manual installation guidelines of each model, see Installing the LRR image.


If you want to manually flash your base station with the latest ThingPark image, you can download the latest BS image by clicking the button at the top right corner of the base station's detailed page of the user interface.

Follow these steps to upgrade the LRR version to the latest version on your base station. This upgrade applies only to the LRR software, it does not support upgrading BS firmware or the FPGA.


Before proceeding with the upgrade, make sure you have an up-to-date backup. If this is not yet the case, go to the Advanced tab, then click BACKUP in the "Backup and restore" widget, and then wait until the backup process is completed.

  1. Select the base station you want to upgrade. You may search it by its name or ID.

  2. In the Basic View tab, under the Information widget, go to Packet Forwarder. To know the detailed versions of each software component installed on the base station, click .

  3. If the user interface shows the message "A new version is available":

    1. Click the "i" icon beside this message to learn more about the new LRR version.

    2. Click to request the upgrade to the new version. This action is only possible when the BS is connected to ThingPark's core network.

      -> A dialog box regarding the LRR software upgrade opens. This dialog box will guide you through the whole procedure and remind you of the status of the last available backup on your base station.

      The upgrade may take several minutes, the BS shall not be reachable during this period and cannot serve LoRaWAN traffic until the upgrade is completed.

  4. If the upgrade fails, make sure your BS is still connected to the network and retry the upgrade. If the failure persists, contact your support team.