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Deleting a base station

Unlike a disconnected base station, which may reconnect to ThingPark's core network at any time without being declared again, a deleted base station disappears from the system and cannot be accessed anymore from the base station list/map views.

Additionally, a deleted BS cannot reconnect to ThingPark's core network unless it is declared again.

For security considerations, a BS with compromised access (for instance, a stolen base station) must be immediately deleted from the system.


The deletion action cannot be reverted, make sure you really want to delete the base station from your network before proceeding with this task.

To delete an existing base station from your ThingPark account:

  1. Select Base Stations from the left panel.

  2. On the List tab, on the base station you want to delete, click on the last column of the table, then Delete.

    You may also delete the base station from its detailed dashboard page, by clicking at the top right corner of the page.

  3. Click Delete to confirm.

    -> The base station is removed from the system.