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Changing the base station's location

ThingPark supports several modes to locate the base station:

  • Onboard Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) position: the location is automatically reported by a GPS receiver embedded in the base station. This mode is not supported for base stations using Semtech's Basics Station packet forwarder.

  • Manual: the base station location (latitude and longitude) is manually set by the BS manager.

The LOCATION widget of the base station's detailed page shows the current location of the BS, either reported by its embedded GPS or manually set by the BS manager depending on the location mode in use.

If the base station uses the LRR packet forwarder, has a GPS receiver and can receive a stable GPS signal, the "Onboard GNSS position" mode should be used. Otherwise, the "Manual" mode should be used.

Follow these steps to change the location mode of your base station:

  1. Select the base station you want to edit. You may search it by its name or ID.

  2. In the Basic View tab, under the LOCATION widget, click CHANGE LOCATION. The Mode field becomes editable now.

    If you want to manually set the location, use one of the following options:

    • Either via the Search box on the top of the map: start typing to search,
    • or by directly placing the marker in the right location on the map,
    • or by setting the latitude and longitude in text input below the map. Use the compass button to switch between decimal and degree/minute/second formats.
  3. When you are done, click Save, otherwise click Cancel to undo the change.

    -> The location changes.


If the location using Google Maps does not display, it means that the Google Maps API key has not been installed on the platform. In this case, the location is displayed in text mode.