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Analyzing the last 10 summary reports of a multicast group

The Last 10 multicast summary reports widget displays all the multicast downlink campaigns. When a downlink is submitted, the network server tries to send it to all the base stations associated with the multicast group. If a base station failed to transmit the downlink over the air, the network server will send the downlink two more times (as a total of 3) before giving up.

The network server is sending a summary report after every try: every 256 seconds for a class B multicast group and every 60 seconds for a class C mulicast group.

TypeDownlink statusReport typePercentage of successful downlink transmissions
In progressPartial≥ 80%
In progressPartial≥ 30% and >80%
In progressPartial<30%
TerminatedFinal≥ 80%
TerminatedFinal≥ 30% and >80%
TerminatedFinal< 30% Note Downlink partially sent (<30%) is considered if no base station was associated with the multicast group when the multicast downlink was transmitted.

  1. In the left panel, select Multicast Groups.

  2. Click the name of a multicast group.

  3. Scroll down to Last 10 multicast summary reports.

  4. Click to refresh the table.

  5. Click to export the table as CSV.

  6. Click to show or hide columns.

  7. In the Last 10 multicast summary reports frame:

    1. Type

    2. FCNT/Frame Counter

    3. Timestamp

    4. LoRaWAN® Port: port associated to the packet payload.

    5. Successful transmissions: "No Base Station" is displayed if no base station was associated with the multicast group when the multicast downlink was transmitted.

  8. If a report is aborted, click to expand the summary of the final report. The distribution of failure causes is displayed in a table.

    Possible transmission failure cause are:

    • Ax: Transmission slot busy

    • Bx: Too late

    • Dx: DC or Gateway constraint

    • Ex: Frame expired before transmission

    • Fx: Multicast transmission failure.

  9. Click Show all to open the Wireless Logger network tool.

    -> The Wireless Logger network tool opens and displays the last 10 multicast summary reports. You can expand the packet to access more details about it. To learn more about Wireless Logger guidelines, click Wireless Logger User Guide.