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Version 2.6.27_13

Supported hardware

For each LRR version, the combination of hardware model and applicable FPGA/ firmware version is mentioned, with restrictions if applicable.


The list of features and fixed issues is not broken down per hardware model. Therefore, some features/fixes may apply to only some hardware models that support the required characteristics (like GPS support for instance).

Hardware ModelFPGAFirmwareHAL
Wirnet iBTS Compact/Standard614. patch #1
Wirnet iStation31/334. patch #2
Wirnet iFemto Evolution v1.531/334. patch #2
Wirnet iFemto v1.031/334. patch #2

Information about HAL patches:

  • #1: wrong GPS timestamp calculated (3-sector gateways mainly)

    • Issue fixed into Semtech HAL (patch of HAL source).
    • Patch shared with Semtech and agreed, not yet included in a new Semtech HAL release
  • #2: do not reset FPGA when connecting (caused downlink to be stopped after a spectral scan analysis)

    • Known issue at Semtech, not fixed in an official release,
    • Fix integrated in Actility delivery

New features


Other improvements

  • Change LED behaviour to set OK when only 1 LRC is connected
  • PT-2616: Cellular reconnection improvement

Bug fixes

  • PT-2064: [NFR920] Auto-restore feature causes gateway loss if no backup is available.
  • PT-2495: Force cellular MTU to 1358; force MSS to 1254 for IPSec.

Known issues

All models

  • PT-1666: LBT on V1.5 gateways might not detect noise with carrier sensing time set to 5ms.

Wirnet iBTS only

  • PT-1301: 3-sector: for the same message, fine timestamp is present only on one board.
  • PT-1411: uplinks without fine timestamp even if GPS is locked (V2 gateways).

Version 2.6.27_6

Kerlink release notes LRR 2.6.27_6