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Cisco IOx PIM (IR1101 and IR1800)


To learn more about the installation steps, see Installing the LRR image on Cisco IOx PIM.

Version 2.8.49

Supported hardware

Hardware modelFirmwareHAL versions

New features

  • New firmware support: This version introduces the support of Cisco firmware 17.14.

  • Possibility to customize the SUPPORT password from SUPLOG (RDTP-15143): For enhanced security, the default SUPPORT password may be changed by the user from SUPLOG console, under Identifiers > Set Actility support tool password.

  • Enhanced filtering of non-LoRaWAN uplink packets (RDTP-17897): Optimized LRR filtering of uplink packets to discard non-LoRaWAN frames.

  • Support TLS as a new communication security protocol: TLS (Transport Layer Security) has been added along with IPSec (Internet Protocol Security). By default, TLS is used to encrypt every message going from the LRR to the ThingPark platform. IPSec can still be used and configured using the Suplog. To learn more, see Activating a secure connection via IPSec or TLS.

  • Allow configuring ICMP destinations in SUPLOG (RDTP-17415): Make it possible to customize the ICMP destinations in SUPLOG to comply with specific deployment use cases where ICMP protocol is not authorized on ThingPark's server side.

  • Introduction of embedded virtual device probe: This feature provides insight into the RF quality of the network using an emulated device in the LRR to send messages over the LRR antenna, and then analyze the quality of the received uplink packet by other surrounding LRRs.

  • Introduction of new managers: Centralmgr is now centralizing all information from the other managers: gwmgr, failovermgr, restoremgr, rollbackmgr, lrrmgr, pkimgr.

Other improvements

  • RF Region download enhancements (PT-2528): Try download:1 if download:0 fails.

  • IPsec configuration improvements

  • Reboot as an environment variable

  • NTP configuration improvement

  • Reverse SSH improvements when losing connection to the gateway

  • Improvements on SUPLOG

  • Improvements on failover

  • Improvement when cleaning certificates

  • Improvement of log rotation

  • Improvement of backup/restore

  • Improvement of sysconfiglrr

Known issues

  • GRAL-173: RFscan cannot be performed on the IOx PIM platform due to blocked access to GPIOs.

  • IPSec should be used with caution as it may be tricky to configure on the Host OS.

  • PT-2683: In TLS security mode, when the BS certificate is regenerated, either upon automatic renewal or manually regenerated by the user, some functions may be disturbed such as RF region update and RF scan. The workaround is to manually reboot the BS after it has downloaded the new certificate.