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Filtering multicast groups

You can use filters to restrict the number of multicast groups you want to display. Your filter selection is saved in your web browser and applies to the same computer.

  1. On the left panel, click Multicast Groups.

  2. If Active filters is displayed:

    1. To clear all active values of a same filter, click the filter cross .

    2. To delete all active filters, click Clear all.

    3. To edit the active filters, click Edit filters.

  3. If no filter is active, click Add filter.

  4. In the Filter multicast groups dialog box that opens, restrict your search using the filters you want.

    Filter by name or DevEUIOne single value (full or prefix) matching either name or DevEUI of one or more multicast groups.
    Base Station TagsAutosuggestion of existing base station tags. Multiple tags allowed.
    DomainsOnly display multicast groups associated with one of the specified domains. This filter is only available if the segregation based on domains has been enabled by an Administrator user. See Domains for more details.
  5. Click Apply.