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Self-hosted ThingPark Enterprise changelog

This page references all the changes included in self-hosted ThingPark Enterprise release 7.3, split per maintenance release version.

It includes new features, technical improvements and issues (bugs) resolved. More details about new features and technical improvements are also available in New features and Other technical improvements sections.

Release 7.3.1

New features


Other technical improvements

N/AUpgrade of MariaDB from 10.4.22 to 10.4.30

Resolved issues

RDTP-21392DESC : Service is not fully restored after a failed upgrade.
FIX : Hardening of the restore process.
RDTP-21537DESC : [Cockpit administration GUI] The look and feel of the "ThingPark service configuration" section could be misleading.
FIX : UI/UX enhancement, changing the red color previously used on this section to blue.
RDTP-21539DESC : Authentication Federation doesn't work (could not login) caused by case sensitive stored emails.
FIX : emails are case insensitive .
RDTP-21557DESC : In case of a failed upgrade, the EJBCA service doesn't work.
FIX : EJBCA DB is fully restored during the rollback procedure.
RDTP-21637DESC : A failed local upgarde can't be retried through Cockpit GUI with an error message "Already on last release".
FIX : Local upgrade could be retried after a previous failing attempt.
RDTP-21723DESC : Authentication Federation feature proxy configuration enhancement.
FIX : NO-PROXY FQDN is configurable in cockpit.

Known issues and limitations

RDTP-19339DESC : TPE instances running version 7.1.1 or 7.1.2 cannot be directly upgraded to version 7.3. A intermediate upgrade to release 7.2 is mandatory.
RDTP-21593DESC : OPC-UA and MODBUS connections are not highly available. In case of upgrade, connector reconfiguration, connector out of memory, lost of a server... the OPC-UA and MODBUS network states will be lost.
The limitation is planned to be raised in a next TPE 7.3 maintenance release.
TXIF-2642DESC : The connection reestablishment of TPX IoT Flow connections using generic HTTPS protocol may be delayed after the application server is again reachable. This limitation shall be lifted in the upcoming maintenance release.

Security audit record

Private resource

See Self-hosted ThingPark Enterprise security audits in the private resources area. You must be logged in with your Customers & Partners account to access the private resources area.

Internally-validated upgrade paths


All upgrade paths are validated from either local media or remote Actility repository ( In addition each path is compliant with the two infractructure types (standalone and HA).

Release 7.3.0

New features

RDTP-18706LoRaWAN relays (PoC)
RDTP-5254Alarm notification via IoT Flow connections
RDTP-16597Simplified integration with ThingPark APIs
RDTP-19333Improved monitoring of the OTA activation procedure
RDTP-2308Suspension of the device connectivity
RDTP-15298[Wireless Logger] Display Join-Accept messages in decoded format
RDTP-18975[Wireless Logger] More comprehensive icons/colors
RDTP-19585New color conventions for UL/DL packets in Network Manager
RDTP-14093Configuration of the motion indicator for each device
RDTP-16775Enrichment of the device dashboard
RDTP-16536Enrichment of the device dashboard
RDTP-15208Add custom entries to /etc/hosts
RDTP-18317Private IP address allocation enhancements
N/AUpgrade TPX IoT Flow to version 1.7.13
RDTP-20772Kubernetes: Omit the requirement to have three dedicated workers
RDTP-19464Kubernetes: Support Kubernetes API versions 1.24, 1.25 and 1.26
RDTP-21029Kubernetes: Host all third party docker images on the ThingPark repository
RDTP-21031Kubernetes: Rename of thingpark-enterprise-controller helm chart

Other technical improvements

RDTP-19611Support any block of 32 type-7 NetIDs
RDTP-18763EJBCA upgrade to version 7.11.0
RDTP-19910MongoDB upgrade to version 4.4
RDTP-20753Kafka, Zookeeper and RCA_PROV upgrade
RDTP-19849Use stdout for LRC logs
RDTP-16527[DX-API] Complete the new authentication flow based on Service Accounts, to allow a unified flow for both OSS-API and DX-API as described in Simplified integration with ThingPark APIs.
RDTP-20031Enhance TPE flows for high availability mode to support passive roaming.
RDTP-20693Upgrade all images to the last stable OpenJ9 version.
RDTP-20865Allow collecting LRC traces for a specific device

Resolved issues

RDTP-20913DESC : Device alarm 004 & BS alarm 103 should only be raised if device/BS joined the NS once.
FIX : Associated alarms are now triggered only if Base Station or Device connected at least before.
RDTP-15465DESC : Wlogger is displaying double arrow instead of red cross on downlink too late ( RX1 and RX2 ).
FIX : Red cross is now correctly used.
RDTP-20630DESC : Removing antenna coordinates throw an error.
FIX : No more error is raised now when removing antenna coordinates.
RDTP-18760DESC : Alarm event message for base station alarm 121 and 108 is missing "previousSeverity" value.
FIX : Previous severity is now correctly filled to allow SNMP trap to be sent.
RDTP-18761DESC : Wrong OID in SNMP trap for base station alarm Backhaul network interface status (121).
FIX : OID has been corrected to match with the MIB description.
RDTP-21196DESC : Create base station operation return a HTTP 500 error.
FIX : Regression has been fixed.
RDTP-21114DESC : Auto-generated security certificate marked as downloaded before it is downloaded by the Base Station.
FIX : Generate certificate one day before it will be downloaded by the Base Station.
RDTP-20994DESC : Gateway's status not displayed correctly
FIX : LRR reports are now processed in the way that will avoid incorrect gateway's status display
RDTP-20963DESC : Class B downlinks not displayed on Wireless Logger in accordance to the sequence of downlinks being sent.
FIX : Fix incorrect date associated to downlink in wrong order.
RDTP-20891DESC : Antennas added in a Base Station profile are not available for BS previously created with this profile.
FIX : Antennas added in used Base Station are now propagated to Base Station already associated.
RDTP-20496DESC : Gateway Class B are activated after a TPW/TPE SaaS 7.2 update.
FIX : Update to 7.2 or 7.3 version will no longer activate wrongly Class B on Base Station.
RDTP-19927DESC : Device alarm 006 “Node uses lower data rate than expected” do not take into account UL confirmed mode with no DL Ack.
FIX : Algorithm has been enhanced in order to implement the case where UL confirmed mode does not receive DL Ack.
RDTP-19860DESC : Radio traffic history widget shows wrong data.
FIX : Take into account all BS antenna and implement new API end point to retrieve transmission failures.

Known issues and limitations

RDTP-21593DESC : OPC-UA and MODBUS connections are not highly available. In case of upgrade, connector reconfiguration, connector out of memory, lost of a server... the OPC-UA and MODBUS network states will be lost.
The limitation is planned to be raised in a next TPE 7.3 maintenance release.