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Other technical improvements included in ThingPark Enterprise 7.2


The post-license-expiration grace period is updated to 3 months.

During this grace period (counting from the license expiration date), user/admin access is restricted to read-only mode (e.g. cannot create new objects) but datapath service continuity is supported. At the end of this grace period, traffic reporting toward Application Servers is discontinued.

To learn more about this mechanism, see RDTP-12789.


Enhanced UX during execution of Base Station (LRR) asynchronous commands (RF scan, backup/restore, update RF Region…).


[Security] LRC security enhancements to mitigate DoS attacks through stolen BS.

This technical improvement strengthens the LRC core network protection against DoS attacks performed by an adversary that got access to the ThingPark core network through a compromised gateway and floods the core network with fake applicative packets.

A compromised gateway could, for instance, be a physically stolen one that still uses its X.509 certificate until the Operator takes the necessary actions to revoke its certificate and block its access to the core network.


[Security] Avoid verbose errors in API response.

Objective Enforce security by not exposing the stack trace (Java, Go, PHP…) in HTTP response, while still logging it internally for debug purposes.


Rely on LRC timestamp (instead of LRR timestamp) to reference the time of LRR’s OSS reports.

Objective Mitigate issues caused by BS time desynchronization.


Optimized aggregation of hourly/daily Base Station traffic.

Objective Always display the full BS traffic history for the last 15 days, regardless of the daily traffic volume and without compromising the overall system performances.


[Self-hosted TPE] Support configuring core network endpoints as hostnames/FQDN besides IP addresses, in Cockpit.

Objective Allow configuring a hostname or an IP address in the Primary network server address and Secondary network server address fields in Cockpit (under “TPE configuration”).

The corresponding fields in Cockpit have been renamed:

  • “PKI IP address” is renamed “Network Server hostname”. This field is split into primary and secondary network servers in High Availability mode.

  • “DNS hostname” is renamed “HTTP hostname”.


Each page on the TPE GUI is now associated with a title.


The following UI/UX changes are introduced in TPE 7.2:

  • User Accounts (under Manage) and Settings become only available to end users with Administrator role, they are hidden for non-administrators.

  • The Metrics widget is removed from Connection dashboard, as this widget is redundant with the one available in TPX Iot-Flow GUI.

  • Editing the Permissions widget, under User Accounts, is now done via [CHANGE PERMISSIONS] button.