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Other technical improvements

This table lists additional technical improvements included in ThingPark Enterprise 7.1:


Upgrade of self-hosted TPE infrastructure components:

  • MariaDB upgrade to version 10.4.22

  • MongoDB upgrade to version 4.2.10

  • Kafka upgrade to version 2.4

RDTP-15626Support latest LoRaWAN® Regional Parameters version, i.e., RP 2-1.0.3.
RDTP-8976Minimize the number of requests between TWA and SMP for alarming email notification.
RDTP-13544LRR RF/WAN/System/Configuration reports should always use the LRC timestamp instead of LRR timestamp to mitigate LRR time desynchronization risk.
RDTP-12672Hardening and troubleshooting for full provisioning mechanism.
RDTP-12869Hardening of TWA subscriptions clean up webservice.
RDTP-13009Spring back-ends migration.
RDTP-17037[Angular] Migration to angular 12.
RDTP-17475[Self-hosted] Upgrade CentOS to version 7.9 to fix v7.6 security vulnerabilities.