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ThingPark Enterprise menus

The menus allow you to navigate through the ThingPark Enterprise user interface.

Top bar area

Main actions accessible from the top bar menu:

  • The Refresh button allows to reload the page and refresh its content.

  • The Search button allows you to search objects under the Devices, Base Stations or Connections category. This search is case-insensitive but it is single-valued and relies on a prefix match. Devices may either be searched by their name or DevEUI unique identifier. Base stations may be searched by their name, LRR-UUID or LRR-ID.

  • The Marketplace button opens the Marketplace in a new tab of your navigator. Accessing the Marketplace directly enables you to buy your base stations , devices or any IoT-related accessories, and provision your platform right after. Depending on your system integrator's policy, the Marketplace button may be hidden.

  • The Notifications button provides a counter and a preview of new notifications. It also provides an access to the notifications’ list. To learn more, click Device management notifications.

  • The Help button redirects you to the user documentation, including documentation about the different ThingPark APIs.

  • The My Account button allows you to logout and view under which username you are logged in to the platform. My Profile allows you to change your personal data and view your role(s). To learn more, click Editing your user profile.

Left menu bar

The left menu allows you to access the different elements of your IoT network and manage them: Base stations, Devices, Drivers, Connections, Multicast groups, Alarms, Users and Domains.