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Resolved issues

Reported issues related to Customer Project and Customer Support that are now resolved in ThingPark Enterprise 7.0 but not resolved in any previous TPE 6.1 maintenance release:

  • [Self-hosted TPE] proxy-http service removed during the upgrade process RDTP-17445
  • Drop down box issue in Wlogger RDTP-17437
  • TPE Offers Backend - Way to activate unlimited BS on a subscriber RDTP-17434
  • Search field not consistent with hyphens RDTP-17346
  • [Self-hosted TPE] When a SQL migration fails, the whole upgrade process must be rollbacked RDTP-16986
  • Deleting a Device is not possible if DeviceReport is missing RDTP-15632
  • Add unit for all metrics in TPE graphs RDTP-14776
  • CLEARED alarms should not be listed in active alarms list RDTP-13856
  • User can choose to add the same application twice RDTP-11142
  • TPE device manager displays DEVEUI with dashes e.g 00-13-7A-10-00-00-0A-82, however TPE wlogger can't filter DEVEUI with dashesRDTP-8436
  • TPE Portal - Alarm management GUI problem RDTP-8368
  • No revocation reason on RCA RDTP-7120