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Sizing hardware

Capacity planning

Before selecting hosting resources, select a ThingPark Enterprise sizing segment for your deployment (S up to XXL).

Use the next table to determine the number of base stations and devices, and the LoRaWAN® uplink/downlink traffic rate.

_Small (S)Medium (M)Large (L)Extra-Large (XL)Double-Extra-Large (XXL)
Base stationsUp to 10Up to 50Up to 100Up to 200Up to 1000
DevicesUp to 2 000Up to 10 000Up to 20 000Up to 50 000Up to 300 000
Average Traffic Rate (uplink + downlink)0.6 msg/sec3 msg/sec6 msg/sec15 msg/sec90 msg/sec
Peak Traffic Rate (1)3 msg/sec15 msg/sec30 msg/sec60 msg/sec180 msg/sec

(1) The peak load (uplink and downlink packets per second) cannot be sustained over more than one minute.

Compute requirements

Compute requirements are expressed in allocatable Cores CPUs and allocatable GiB RAM on Kubernetes worker nodes. Compute resources must be fairly distributed between 3 Availability Zones. We also provide the highest atomic (pod) CPU and RAM request that should be allocatable on each zones:

_Small (S)Medium (M)Large (L)Extra-Large (XL)Double-Extra-Large (XXL)
CPU (cores)Under Study81215Under Study
RAM (GiB)Under Study243048Under Study
Biggest pod requests- 150m CPU / 1400Mi RAM
- 350m CPU / 100Mi RAM
- 400m CPU / 4080Mi RAM
- 500m CPU / 100Mi RAM
- 600m CPU / 10965Mi RAM
- 700m CPU / 150Mi RAM

It is recommended to set RAM resource requests/limits to all workloads on the Kubernetes cluster. Several ThingPark workloads use reclamable memory cache, this measure will avoid inactive_file (i.e. # of bytes of file-backed memory on inactive LRU list) reclaim under node MemoryPressure situations. Too aggressive cache write-back can cause performance issues.



No resource provisioning is required, Thingpark Enterprise uses dynamic volume provisioning.

ServiceSmall (S)Medium (M)Large (L)Extra Large (XL)Double Extra

Large (XXL)
mariadb-galera3 x 5Gi (1)(3)3 x 5Gi (1)(3)3 x 10Gi (1)(3)3 x 15Gi (1)(3)3 x 30Gi (1)(3)
mongodb2 x 10Gi (1)(3)2 x 15Gi (1)(3)2 x 25Gi (1)(3)2 x 45Gi (1)(3)2 x 1000Gi (1)(3)
kafka2 x 10Gi (1)(3)2 x 15Gi (1)(3)2 x 20Gi (1)(3)2 x 30Gi (1)(3)2 x 40Gi (1)(3)
lrc2 x 5Gi (1)(3)2 x 5Gi (1)(3)2 x 5Gi (1)(3)2 x 10Gi (1)(3)2 x 15Gi (1)(3)
zookeeper6 x 5Gi (1)(3)6 x 5Gi (1)(3)6 x 5Gi(1)(3)6 x 5Gi (1)(3)6 x 5Gi (1)(3)
lrc-ftp2 x 10Gi (2)(3)2 x 10Gi (2)(3)2 x 10Gi (2)(3)2 x 10Gi (2)(3)2 x 10Gi (2)(3)

(1) Azure Premium SSD LRS volumes provisioned

(2) Azure Standard SSD LRS volumes provisioned

(3) AWS gp2 volumes provisioned