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Integrating your application with ThingPark Location

The purpose of ThingPark Location is to allow third-party IoT applications to unlock the value of LPWAN-enabled geolocation delivered by Abeeway low-power multitechnology trackers.
Depending on your requirements, two options are available to interface your application with Abeeway trackers:

  • imgThrough ThingPark Location API

  • imgInterfacing directly with the Network Server API and using our packaged Abeeway driver

img Using is the best option as you will benefit from:

  • An optimal position : We combine the various positioning technology available (GPS, LP-GPS, Wi-Fi, BLE) with our post processing algorithm to deliver the most accurate and reliable position.
  • Device management capabilities : We allow you to manage Abeeway trackers configuration and behavior from your application.
  • Value-added geolocation services : We offer features like geofencing, Differential Assisted-GPS (DA-GPS). However, using the option can be suitable in some specific cases. For example, if your application is isolated and cannot be connected to our SaaS service.

Starting to integrate your application