ThingPark Wireless overview

The key capabilities of ThingPark Wireless make it the market-leading LPWA connectivity management platform. It provides IoT service providers with the ability to:

  • Connect devices with the most optimal performance - which is critical to ensure IoT use case adoption & ROI
  • Manage the connectivity service and its underlying infrastructure efficiently
  • Guarantee the end-to-end security of the service they operate.
  • Monetize their services in a flexible way that support various go to market options.

Technical Features List Functional Description

This resource provides a functional-level description of ThingPark Wireless product.

Available documentation Applicable release
TP_6.1_Technical_Features_List_Product_Functional_Description.pdf 6.1
TP_5.2.2_Technical_Features_List_Product_Functional_Description.pdf 5.2.2

Evolved Packet Core Connector Product Description

This resource describes the ThingPark Wireless Evolved Packet Core (EPC) Connector solution which is a module within ThingPark Wireless to interface with 3GPP core network. It deals with the architecture description, the solution configuration, and the feature limitation and expected roadmap enhancements of the product.

Available documentation Applicable release
ThingPark_Wireless_Evolved_Packet_Core_Connector_Product_Description.pdf LTE - All