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Abeeway trackers documentation

Reference Guides and Tools

Asset tracker firmware Reference GuideLATEST
Asset tracker firmware Release NotesAbeeway tracker Firmware Release notes
Trackers power consumption estimationPower Consumption Estimation
LED patterns for micro tracker and smart badgeLED patterns
Asset tracker driverAsset Tracker Driver User Guide
Melodies for Abeeway TrackersAbeeway trackers melody

Out of Box User Guides

Micro trackerMicro tracker Out of Box User Guide
Smart badgeSmart Badge Out of Box User Guide
Industrial trackerIndustrial Tracker Out of Box User Guide
Compact trackerCompact Tracker Out of Box User Guide
Geolocation Module Discovery kit (EVK)Geolocation Module Discovery kit Out of Box User Guide


Micro tracker V2Certification documents
Micro tracker V3Certification documents
Smart badgeCertification documents
Industrial tracker V1Certification documents
Industrial tracker V2Certification documents
Compact trackerCertification documents
Industrial Manageable ATEX BeaconCertification documents
Docking stationCertification documents

Abeeway Device Manager application

Abeeway Device Manager (ADM)Abeeway Device Manager User Guide

Data sheets

Micro trackerData sheet
Smart badgeData sheet
Industrial trackerData sheet
Compact trackerData sheet
Combo LPWAN Compact trackerData sheet
Industrial Manageable beaconData sheet
LoRaWAN RelayData sheet
Smart badge docking stationData sheet
Geolocation moduleData sheet
Third party accessoriesData sheet

Application notes

DescriptionResourceMinimum Required MCU/BLE Firmware Version
Battery PercentageThis application note describes the computation of the remaining (%) battery levelAN-000_battery-percentageMCU: 1.9.x, BLE: 2.2.0
This application note is deprecated since MCU FW 2.0 and above
BLE Firmware UpdateThis application note describes the update of BLE Firmware on the tracker using nRFconnect app.AN-001_ble_firmware_updateMCU: 1.9.x, BLE: 2.2.0
LoRa transmit strategyThis application note describes the configuration and usage of LoRaWAN® custom transmit strategy.AN-002_LoRa_Transmission_strategyMCU: 1.9.x, BLE: 2.2.0
Scan collectionThis feature describes the scan collection feature which allows scanning, filtering and reporting up to twenty BLE beacons in several uplink payloads.AN-003_ScanCollectionMCU: 2.0, BLE: 3.1.0
Device orientationThis application note explains how to use the accelerometer data from the tracker to detect its orientation.AN-005_device_orientationMCU: 1.9.x, BLE: 2.2.0
BLE position filteringThis application note explains the functionality and configuration of BLE position filtering feature that allows reporting of up to four BLE beacon identifiers with different filtering options on BLE UID.AN-006_Position_BLE_filteringMCU: 2.1.x, BLE: 3.2.2
Proximity detectionThis application note describes the Proximity detection feature that can be used for contact tracing and proximity detection between people wearing the Abeeway trackers.AN-007_proximity-detectionMCU: 2.1.x, BLE: 3.2.2
This feature is deprecated since MCU FW 2.4+. Please use MCU FW 2.3 and below to use this feature
Proximity detection calibration guideThis application note describes the positioning and calibration of badges for proximity detection and contact tracing.AN-008_proximity-detection-calibration-guideMCU: 2.1.x, BLE: 3.2.2
This feature is deprecated since MCU FW 2.4+. Please use MCU FW 2.3 and below to use this feature
MCU firmware updateThis application note describes the MCU firmware update procedure.This tool is deprecated since MCU FW 2.2. Please use Abeeway Updater tool (see Firmware Update section below).AN-009_mcu_firmware_updateMCU: 1.9.x, BLE: 2.2.0
Angle DetectionThis application note describes how to trigger events from the tracker based on its orientationAN-010_Angle_DetectionMCU: 2.2.x, BLE: 3.3.0
BLE GeozoningThis application note describes the BLE Geozoning feature which can be used to generate alerts from the tracker based on safe/hazard zone detection using BLEAN-011_BLE_geozoningMCU: 2.2.x, BLE: 3.3.0
Quuppa BeaconingThis application note describes the Quuppa beaconing feature.AN-012_Quuppa_beaconingMCU: 2.2.x, BLE: 3.3.0
CLI UsageThis application note describes the debugging of the tracker over USB interface.AN-013_CLI_DescriptionMCU: 2.2.x, BLE: 3.3.0
BLE CommunicationThis application note describes the interface between the tracker and the mobile APPAN-014_BLE communicationMCU: 2.2.x, BLE: 3.3.0
Debug TrackersThis application note describes how to debug Abeeway trackers when there is reset or any other unexpected causeAN-015_Debug dataMCU: 2.2.x, BLE: 3.3.0
GPS/LPGPS UsageThis application note describes how to configure and use the GPS/LP-GPS feature to optimize accuracy/power consumption of the trackerAN-016_GPS_LPGPSMCU: 2.2.x, BLE: 3.3.0
Getting started with Mobile APPThis application note describes how to configure and use the Abeeway mobile APP with the trackersAN-017_Mobile APP Getting Started GuideMCU: 2.2.x, BLE: 3.3.0
Motion and Shock detectionThis application note describes how to configure the firmware for motion and shock detection)AN-018_Motion_and_shock_detectionMCU: 2.3.x, BLE: 3.3.2
BLE beaconingThis application note describes how to configure the firmware to send BLE beacons (iBeacon, Eddystone and Altbeacon)AN-019_BLE Beacon transmissionMCU: 2.3.x, BLE: 3.3.2

Firmware Update

Abeeway Updater (Firmware Update tool)This tool allows MCU and BLE Firmware update of Abeeway trackers.Abeeway Firmware Update
MCU Firmware binariesThis folder has all the binaries for MCU/Application Firmware. MCU Firmware binaries
BLE Firmware binariesThis folder has all the binaries for BLE Firmware.BLE Firmware binaries
Config filesThis folder has all the Firmware config files for different trackers.Abeeway Firmware Update
BLE firmware updateThis application note describes the BLE firmware update procedure using Nordic NrfConnect smartphone application.AN-001_ble-update

Abeeway Firmware trainings

Abeeway Firmware feature overviewThese sessions provide overview of firmware features for each releaseWhat's new sessions
User InterfaceThese training slides introduce the user interface (LED, buzzer, button) for Abeeway trackers.User Interface
Proximity Policy EnforcementThese training slides introduce basic concepts of proximity solution and how to set it up.Proximity Solution
Scan CollectionThis feature introduces BLE/WiFi scanning and reporting of up to 20 BLE Beacons/WiFi BSSIDs.Scan Collection
BLE Position FilteringThis feature introduces BLE position reporting of up to 4 BLE beacons.BLE Position Filtering
CLI UsageThis feature allows to interact with tracker over USB to get the internal logs and also set the tracker parameters.CLI Usage
Quuppa BeaconingThis feature enables Quuppa beaconing for Abeeway trackers.Quuppa Beaconing
BLE GeozoningThis feature enables BLE geozoning for Abeeway trackers.BLE geozoning
Abeeway Mobile AppThis feature explains how to use Abeeway Mobile for Abeeway trackers.Abeeway Mobile App
Motion and shock detectionThis feature explains how to use accelerometer features inside Abeeway trackers.Motion & Shock detection
GPS LP-GPS featuresThis feature explains how to use GPS/LP-GPS features inside Abeeway trackers.GPS & LP-GPS Usage
ATEX/IECEx CertificationThese training slides explain the ATEX/IECEx certification for Abeeway trackersATEX/IECEx Certification
BLE beaconingThese training slides explain how to configure the Abeeway trackers to transmit BLE beacons (Eddystone, iBeacon and AltBeacon)BLE beaconing