# Using Command Line Interface (CLI)

All the Abeeway trackers are equipped with USB port that can be connected with USB Data cable to connect the trackers to Tera Term (opens new window) or similar serial port communication application. This can be very useful for debugging purposes under the following scenarios:

  1. Recover the firmware version of the tracker
  2. Reset the tracker
  3. Get the logs to send the support team.
  4. Inspect the behavior of the feature from the CLI traces

# Here are the main steps to use CLI:


  • The USB port for Compact/Industrial tracker is inside the casing which needs to be opened to access it.
  • The instructions below are for MCU Firmware version 2.2 and above. If you are using older MCU firmware version or need an overview of full feature set of CLI commands, please refer to CLI Usage Training (opens new window)
  • There is also more detailed application note on CLI Usage which is available here, AN-013_CLI_Description (opens new window)
  • If there are issues connecting to USB port, please ensure you are using USB data cable and connect the tracker to different computer to check if the USB port is properly detected. You can find more troubleshooting steps in Abeeway Updater (opens new window) (chapter: Troubleshooting the USB port)
  • When sending the logs to the support team, please ensure the Tera Term(CLI) traces are timestamped with UTC or local time. See CLI Usage Training (opens new window) on how to timestamp CLI traces with local/UTC time. This is very useful when correlating the tracker logs with those of Network server uplinks.
  1. Connect the tracker to the USB port and open Tera Term to connect to the serial port on which the tracker is connected.
  2. The tracker will prompt for the password. The default password is 123
  3. If the password is successful, the CLI will show the traces and can be used to interact with the tracker.

Here is the list of most important commands and their purpose:

CLI command Description
? Displays all the available commands
system info Retrieve MCU Firmware version
ble info Retrieve information about BLE Firmware
system reset Reset MCU Firmware to trigger JOIN procedure
config show Display the configuration of existing firmware parameters
lora deveui Display LoRaWAN devEUI of the tracker
ble clear Remove the BLE bond on the tracker
system boot Enter MCU Bootloader to upgrade MCU Firmware (We do not recommend to this. Please use Abeeway Updater to do MCU firmware update)
ble bootloader Enter the BLE bootloader to do BLE firmware update
system mode motion To change the value of parameter, mode = motion_tracking
config save To save the firmware configuration in flash. This is required to preserve firmware settings across device resets. The flash lifetime is limited so, please do not write too many times into the flash during the testing
config set parameter_ID value Change the parameter value. For ex, config set 1 500 will change the value of Parameter ID (1) (lora_period) to 500. The parameter ID can be found from Abeeway trackers reference guide