Compact tracker

The Abeeway compact tracker is a multi-mode tracker with large battery for long battery lifetime. It combines GPS, Low Power-GPS (LP-GPS), Wi-Fi, LoRaWAN® and BLE radios with embedded sensors to support accurate outdoor and indoor geolocation.

This tracker is equipped with the rugged casing which is designed to withstand harsh surroundings enabling seamless asset tracking and management in any industrial environment – whether it is for heavy duty assets, inventory or livestock.

Key product features

The Abeeway compact tracker provides you with the flexibility you need to adapt your tracker's behavior to your use case, selecting the right operating mode and geolocation technology.

Reed switch

The compact tracker is equipped with reed switch which requires the end user to place a magnet next to the tracker for at least five seconds to exit the shipping mode.

This operation will trigger the tracker to JOIN the network. It is important to carry out this step for the proper functioning of the tracker.

Multiple operating modes

  • Motion tracking: Tracker reports real-time position only when motion is detected. This is the default configuration that you can discover applying instructions given in this guide.

  • Permanent tracking: Tracker reports periodic real time positions.

  • Start/End motion tracking: Tracker reports positions only at the start and end events of the motion.

  • Position on-demand: Tracker sends its position only when requested from the end-user (very low power operating mode). The position request can be made from the geolocation backend platform.

  • Activity tracking: Monitor activity rate with embedded sensors.

  • Standby: The tracker sends periodically short LoRaWAN® messages, called heartbeat, at the configured interval. The tracker positions can be obtained in this mode by using the side operations features. For more information, see Abeeway Trackers Reference Guide. During shipping, the tracker is set to standby mode, which is also recommended when not in testing to avoid unnecessary drain of the battery.

Geolocation technologies

  • GPS: For precise outdoor positioning

  • Low Power-GPS (LP-GPS): For power-efficient outdoor and daylight indoor positioning

    LP-GPS is an Actility proprietary technology based on GPS. Enabling Fast Time to First Fix, it results in improved battery lifetime.

  • Wi-Fi: For indoor and outdoor location services in urban areas

    It leverages the Wi-Fi access point scanning capabilities of the compact tracker.

Other features

  • Temperature monitoring

  • LoRaWAN® Class A radio

  • Dust-proof and powerful water jets (IP65)

WARNING The tracker is resistant to water but must never be placed either fully/partially submerged in water or under the influence of high pressure water spray jets for significantly long periods of time. To avoid water entering in the casing, the tracker must not be placed upside down. The warranty of the tracker is avoid if used incorrectly.