# Abeeway trackers reference guide overview

This document describes in detail the usage of Asset tracker MCU application Firmware 2.4 that runs on Abeeway trackers: Micro tracker, Compact tracker, Industrial tracker and Smart badge.


  • You must ensure that the MCU Firmware reference Guide matches the MCU Firmware version running on the tracker. Please refer to Idetifiying tracker firmware to know the MCU and BLE firmware running on the tracker.
  • Please ensure that the MCU and BLE Firmware version is compatible with each other and with the tracker model. You can find this information from here
  • For older versions of MCU Firmware Reference guides, see here (opens new window)
  • The MCU application Firmware 2.4 does not support the proximity detection feature anymore. Please refer to MCU FW 2.3 and below for the proximity feature.

This document is reserved for the support team, distributors, and integrator teams to give a deeper knowledge of all the possible settings. We do reserve the right to modify the contents in future releases.