# ThingPark Global SIM overview

ThingPark Global SIM is LPWAN-enabled world-wide cellular connectivity service based on ThingPark Wireless.

The solution is based on ThingPark Wireless + EPC Connector (EPCC). EPCC is an add-on to ThingPark Wireless that allows interconnection with 3GPP core networks using 3GPP S6a and S5/S8 interface. The ThingPark Global Sim is based on EPCC connected to 3GPP global roaming hub that allows worldwide global cellular connectivity.


  • The list of supported countries for LTE coverage is here (opens new window).

  • The service is primarily restricted to LTE-only coverage. For other countries or with option for 2G/3G data connectivity, please contact us.

  • You can purchase ThingPark Global SIM from here (opens new window)

In the next sections, you will learn the high level features of ThingPark Wireless.