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Launching a Scan from the LRC

The Noise scan execution from the LRC behave as if it were executed from the GUI.

Basic Execution

Once logged in the LRC associated with the Base Station, send a command to the LRR to execute the rfscanv1 script:

lrr shell IDLRR rfscanv1 -T NetworkPartnerID ?

The processes rfscanv1 executed on the LRR can be retrieved if you directly connect to it.

The rfscanv0 script can also be launched from the LRC. Use the following command:

lrr shell IDLRR rfscanv0 -T NetworkPartnerID ?

Executing a Scan with Custom Parameters

The following parameters can be added to the rfscanv1 script execution:

For example, the following command from the LRC will execute a noise scan from frequency 863 to 870MHz with a 0.1MHz step.

lrr shell 080602a1 rfscanv1 -T NetworkPartnerID -f 863:0.1:870 ?


  These parameters are not the same for the rfscanv0 script:

lrr shell 080602a1 rfscanv0 -T NetworkPartnerID --fmin 863000000 --fmax 870000000 --fstep 100000 ?