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To be able to visualize device data on a map and compute UL and DL metrics, the Network Survey tool has some prerequisites:

  • To be able to decode the UL frame payloads, the Network Server needs to know:

    • The Application Session Key (AppSKey) for devices provisioned in ABP mode. The AppSKey has to be provisioned in ThingPark during device provisioning.

    • The Application Key (AppKey) for devices provisioned in OTAA mode. The AppKey has to be provisioned in ThingPark during device provisioning. With this key, the Network Server can decode the uplink payloads of the device whatever the AppSkey used for each individual session.

  • Proper payload decoder corresponding to the device has to be available on Network Survey.

  • Test device has to be configured to report GPS coordinates in its UL payload to display it on a map.

  • As it is not recommended to use ADR for moving devices, we recommend to set a fixed SF during the whole field test. The best solution is to use the SF max as fixed SF, by setting a Connectivity Plan with SFmin=SFmax, then Network Survey will calculate the SF that would have been used by the device.

  • Optionally, Network Survey can analyze DL measurements. Do to so, the device should additionally report DL RSSI & DL SNR in its UL payloads. (Please check with device manufacturer if this mode is supported).