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Troubleshooting the base station connection status with ThingPark's core network

The purpose of this task is to verify whether the base station is correctly connected to the ThingPark core network, that means the LRC network servers and the PKI infrastructure (Key Installer).

Ping the LRC using SUPLOG

Try to ping the LRC through the SUPLOG menu: Troubleshooting, then Ping LRCs and Confirm.

Note To learn more about connecting to SUPLOG, see Connecting to SUPLOG.

The LRC IP addresses in this ping menu are preconfigured and you do not need to change them.

If you cannot ping the LRCs, it is likely that your IPSEC tunnel is not established, follow the next checks below.

Ping the Key Installer Server using SUPLOG

Make sure the base station has network connection and can access the Key Installer server.

You need first to resolve the IP address of the PKI server defined in Configuring PKI. For example, the IP of Key Installer Server is:

Make sure ping is authorized in your network.

In SUPLOG, go to Troubleshooting, then Ping, enter the PKI IP address and Confirm.

If you cannot ping the PKI server, you need to check your connectivity before going further.

If you can ping the PKI server, then you should be able to download the X.509 certificates needed to establish the tunnel, follow the checks described in Troubleshooting X.509 certificate issues.