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Troubleshooting the base station connectivity

If the base station is not connected after configuration and provisioning, the first step to debug this issue is to reboot the base station. For some reason, your base station may have not considered the latest configuration changes you might have performed.

Try a reboot of the base station, then check on the GUI if it becomes Connected.

Verify that any applied configuration changes in SUPLOG have not been automatically rollbacked after 15 minutes if you forgot to commit your modifications. To learn more, see Apply/Commit/Rollback mechanism.

Verify also that the required flows described in Authorizing base station flows for ThingPark Enterprise SaaS or in Authorizing base station flows for self-hosted ThingPark Enterprise have been authorized in your deployment environment to allow your base station to connect to ThingPark's core network.

If the above verification actions did not solve the connectivity problem, proceed to the next steps:

For gateways using Basics™ Station packet forwarder, click Troubleshooting Basics™ Station bootstrapping issues to see the reference logs.