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Updating the base station information

If you are entitled to an Administrator role or to a Base Stations Manager role, you can run this procedure.

  1. Select Base Stations.

  2. On the List tab, click the name of the base station for which you want to change the information.

Note If you are not entitled to an Administrator role or an Base Stations Manager role, the display of your User Interface does not show Actions buttons.

Note Only the RF Regions having an ISM band compatible with the base station are proposed in the drop-down list.

Note If there is an updated version of the RF Region, a message is displayed below the RF Region parameter. Upgrade the RF Region and confirm your choice.

LRR software version

In this example an LRR software version upgrade is available for your base station. The LRR software upgrade is only proposed if at least one LRR software compatible with the base station firmware version and the FPGA version currently installed on the targeted base station is available in the base station catalog. If several compatible LRR software packages are found, only the upgrade to the latest version is proposed.

Note The base station upgrade applies only to the LRR software. It concerns neither the Base Station Firmware, nor the FGPA.

Caution Prior to performing an LRR software version upgrade, we recommend that you first backup the current LRR software and configuration before upgrading the new version. To learn more, click Performing backup and restore.

The LRR software upgrade procedure will take several minutes while the base station will be unavailable during this time.

  1. Click Upgrade.

    -> A dialog box regarding the LRR software upgrade opens. This dialog box will guide you through the whole procedure.

  2. You are asked to confirm each action that is required for the upgrade.

    -> The LRR software upgrade runs until the new software version is downloaded and the base station is upgraded. If the upgrade is successful, a similar dialog box displays on your screen:

  3. Click Close.

    The LRR software upgrade may fail in the following cases:

    • The base station is not reachable. Ensure that your base station is connected to a power source and to the network.

    • The upgrade command returned an error. You need to restart the procedure.