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Using the base station dashboard

You can access the dashboard when logging in or whenever you want to get a synthetic view of all the base stations of your account. The dashboard shows the distribution of base stations filtered by health state and the ten most recent alarms ordered by descending severity.

The dashboard also allows you to:

  • Get a direct access to:

    • Health-filtered, custom and full lists of base stations.

    • All the active base station alarms of your account.

  • Provision a base station if you have read-write access on base stations.

  • Download pie chart images.

  1. Click Dashboard.

    -> The dashboard appears.

  2. In the BASE STATIONS widget, the base stations are displayed and filtered according to Base stations health states.

    Do one of the followingAction
    To display the number and percentage of base stations having the same health stateHover your pointer over a pie sector.
    To access the base stations having the same health state

    Click either a pie sector or the corresponding colored number.

    -> When entering the list, Active filters displays the corresponding Health state filter.

    To access your base stations custom-list


    -> If you have customized the list to your needs by selecting filters, sorting or adding /deleting columns, your choices are applied.

    To access all base stations of your accountClick the total number of base stations inside the pie-chart, then if Clear all is displayed, click it to remove persistent filters.

    Note When in the base station list, you can change the filters to your needs. For more information, see Filtering base stations and More list activities.

  3. In the BASE STATIONS widget:

    • If you have write access, click to create a base station.

    • Click Download chart to download an image of the chart, then select the image format (PNG, JPEG, or PDF) you want.

  4. In the RECENT ALARMS widget, you can see up to ten recent alarms out of the total number of alarms. To access all your account alarms, click RECENT ALARMS.

    -> Active filters are: Min. state: Indeterminate, Acked: No. When in the list, you can customize it to your needs.