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Filtering base stations

You can use filters to restrict the number of base stations you want to display in the List or Map tab.

Filters criteria and selection are the same in both tabs. Your filter selection is saved in your web browser and applies to the same computer.

  1. Select Base stations.

    You can also select from the dashboard an existing list you want to change. For more information, see Using the base station dashboard.

    -> The List tab opens displaying Add filter or Active filters according to the base station list you have opened.

  2. Select the Map or List tab according to the view you want to display your result.

  3. If Active filters is displayed:

    • To clear all active values of a same filter, click the filter cross .

    • To delete all active filters, click Clear all.

    • To edit the active filters, click Edit filters.

  4. If no filter is active, click Add filter.

  5. In the Filter base stations dialog box that opens, restrict your search using the filters you want.

    Filter by name, LRR UUID or LRR ID... (base station identifiers)One single value (full or prefix) matching either name, LRR-UUID, or LRR-ID of one or more base stations. The quick search located in the banner supports these base station identifiers when set on Base stations. Tip You can copy and paste a LRR-UUID or LRR-ID you get from the traffic shown by Wireless Logger application to investigate further a base station.
    Health stateActive, Initialization,Connection Error, Radio Error. To learn more, click Base stations health states. At least, one value must be applied.
    Software versionOne single value (full or prefix) matching either one or more LRR software versions installed on your base stations fleet.
    TagsAutosuggestion of existing administrative or multicast tags of your base stations fleet. Multiple tags allowed. Retrieves base stations associated with one of the specified tags. See Tagging base stations.
    Minimum alarm severityRetrieves base stations having at least one active and non-acknowledged alarm with severity equal to the selected severity or higher. For more information about base station alarms and their severity, see Analyzing base station alarms.
    RF RegionAll or one specific RF region of the list configured on your base stations fleet.

    If the segregation based on domains has been enabled by an administrator user, a Domains filter allows to only display base stations associated with one of the specified domains. See Domains for more details.

  6. Click Apply.

  7. (Optional) If you want to display your result in another view, click the Map or List tab.

    -> The active filters stay the same.